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If you give your baby a colourful toy, your little one will not show any interest in it.
During the first 2 years your baby learns something new every month 👩‍🎓 and it is extremely important to offer him toys adapted to his stage of development to stimulate him in the right way, although we know it is not easy. 📖
With these Educational Boxes you can be sure that every 2 months your baby will receive the most appropriate toys. We will explain exactly the skills that he will develop in the stage of growth he is in and what toys will help you to encourage him..
Below we explain everything you have to know

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How does it work?

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So we can send you a box full of educational toys specifically selected for your baby.

Receive a box at home every two months to play, learn and grow with your baby.


Inside your box
You will find several toys and a didactic book about the development stage of your baby.


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Subscribe to the Play Box that corresponds to the age of you baby and start enjoying the beauty of playing and learning together right now.


Here I Am

0-4 Months


What's going on

5-6 Months



7-8 Months


Let me touch

9-10 Months

Hello World

11-12 Months



13-14 Months


Bla Bla Bla

15-16 Months



17-18 Months


Marco Polo

19-20 Months


Little Einstein

21-22 Months



23-24 Months



+24 Months

Our Clients say... 

"My baby loves all the toys in this Play Box. Most of them are designed to promote and stimulate their attention and focus. They fit perfectly to their growth stage. And it is helping me to understand how my daughter learns and acquires new skills. Before, I bought toys because I liked them, now I buy toys that she likes " - Paula, mom of Sofia

Unboxing the Play Box 

Do you have questions? We try to answer some here below: 

How much do the boxes cost?
The monthly subscription to Oh My Baby costs £55 per Play Box and does not have any type of permanence: you can unsubscribe whenever you want by entering your account.

What will I receive in my box?
Inside your Play Box you will find 5-8 toys, from international, exclusive and prestigious brands. Each of the toys will correspond to a category of development of your baby: sound, cognitive, shapes, eye-hand coordination, language, routines and movement. The products that you will receive with your box will adapt perfectly to the age of your baby, but they are not necessarily those that appear in the images on this page.

How do I personalize my box?
By subscribing to Oh My Baby you will have the option to indicate the age of your baby. Based on this, we will send you only products that best suit your needs. For this reason you will see that sometimes the boxes are not the same: we will never send you a product that does not match the age of your child.

When will I receive my box?
You will receive your first box within 1-2 weeks of ordering. After it, your next boxes will arrive around the 25th of every 2 months.