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Our goal is to help you as a parent feel confident and actively being involved in the learning and development of your baby while playing and having fun.


Children develop the majority of their brain within the first 2 years, a period in which they usually spend the majority of the day with their parents at home. Therefore the education and stimulation relies for a big part on us as parents. The more you expose your baby to stimulus, the more their brain activity is triggered and the more they learn.


We (Belen and Bart, happily together for over 10 years) created Oh My Baby mid-2017 about 1 year after the birth of our first daughter. We felt it was difficult to find educational toys for babies that allow parents to just play, enjoy and learn with your baby without:

...having to look for the most adequate toys

...doubting if the kid would like the toy

…questioning yourself if the toys are appropriate for the learning and developing phase of your baby


Therefore, we created Oh My Baby since we believe learning is essential during the first years of a baby’s life - something that they will benefit from their entire life. 

We work together with a team of specialists in early childhood education  to bring to you several Play Boxes adapted for each new developing phase, so you can feel confident and enjoy this beautiful period with your baby.